In a highly volatile business scenario, SEO-friendly ecommerce website development is the most important approach, used by dissimilar products’ merchants. Indeed, the optimization of ecommerce website has become essential in online marketing by using latest SEO audit tools & technologies. But this is not enough if we see the current market, the competition is very hard. Now millions of industries are in the market, so to survive it is needed that the online store site page obtainable should be high among customers. It is only doable if the website is developed to be shown at the search engine result page. This very blog carries some simple yet productive ecommerce solution tips and tricks to optimize the trading website that is to make is as the SEO friendly “online store”. If you’re looking to shop around for eCommerce solutions that may or may not be the best for your needs, have a look at these eCommerce platforms.

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Ecommerce Solution to Make SEO Friendly Website

A perfect Ecommerce solution means it will cover everything from development to marketing of an ecommerce company. Ecommerce allows the customers to exchange goods and services electronically without any time barriers or distant issue. Modern world has been experiencing rapid growth in Ecommerce over the past five to six year. New future, the limitations or difference between the electronic commerce and conventional shopping will become progressively blurred as more and more businesses will move out of their operations onto the Internet.

Below given points should be considered as the best ecommerce solution to create the ecommerce site SEO friendly.

Proper use of Header Tags

The header tag is the HTML element that is used to define the heading, title of the content. It principally maintains the content flow and describes the content in the perfect manner; there are numerous different header tags obtainable like H1, H2, H3. So use the header tag with proper flow. It depicts the enormous impression of the site.

Define ALT attributes of Image tag

Another important factor to consider is to Define ALT attributes of the Image tag. The search engine crawler can never decode the image so it is good if you embrace the ALT attributes with short and total information.

Lower Loading Time

The loading time is one of the most vital factors to think about. Your website should be designed in a way that it takes short time for loading. Try to focus on the graphics, contain captcha, and minimize the flashing image for the ecommerce site.

Include social sharing functionality

social sharing buttons

As we all know that most of the people are currently connected through social networking site. Try to apply popular social sharing functionality to the site, so that it will be simple for the visitors to share the products online. It will bring bring traffic, and leads, eventually.

Keyword rich URL

The URL should consist of all the major key-phrases so that the website can easily be optimized and acquire higher ranking. Ecommerce website owners often do the mistake of not putting keyword in the targeted product URL. Make sure about it.

Select the productive domain name

The domain name shall not be filled with keywords and it needs be considered that domain should have a higher expiry period. We often see website owners buy domain name as per their targeted keyword. It will efficient at first, but for a longer time period, it is not acceptable.

The site should be W3C validated

Your ecommerce site has to be W3C validated to find the error in web pages. It is a highly acceptable way to come up with a perfect site. Otherwise you might end up at the end of search page losing all your investment and effort at the same time.

Optimizing the site is not much an easy task. All these points which are mentioned above are only the basic task, or can be called as the compulsory tips that need to be followed beside these instructions there is a need for in-depth and daily analysis and then according to that content changes is also required. Ecommerce is really a rewarding investment. But remember, you can’t make money momentarily. It is required to conduct plenty of research, ask questions, push harder and make solid decisions to seek for the best ecommerce solution. If you’re a company looking to outsource SEO services using a reseller program, you could Compare white label SEO firms. Hope that this blog has given you lots of ideas. In case of any confusions, don’t forget to knock us.

Author: Isteak Ahmed

When it’s matter of putting letters and words in a row with the pure supremacy, then Isteak Ahmed has given it a bash with sublime intuition on copywriting, Technical Documentation, SEO, Tender Preparation, eBook and blog writing with years of heartfelt experience in Digital Media Marketing Arena. Isteak Ahmed is presently making his footstep as the Digital Content Manager at Arobil Ltd. Besides, he is stepping ahead to attain sheer expertise in Social Media Branding.