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    Best Call Center Systems with Next Generation Technology
    Are you searching for the best call center solution provider in Bangladesh? Are you in need of 24/7 call center systems to run your consumer products business? If you do care about quality and the satisfaction of your potential customer, then Arobil Ltd. can facilitate you with the best call center management system in the country. Due to utter versatility, the call center systems provided by Arobil Ltd. can be used as both international (VoIP Trunks) and domestic (ISDN Trunk/Analog) call centers.
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    Purchase the Best Call Center Software for Small Business
    Managing a call center is not a piece of cake if you have just started your business operation since there are so many fields and things to look out for. If you don’t want to hire an offshore call center or go for the best call center systems, it’s better to search for an integrated system that can be installed in concurrent infrastructure and you can manage it with your own resources. On that concern, you should search for the most comprehensive and best call center software for small business.
Stop Call Trends
As a team, we comprehend what is going on and what is happening with the calls. We maintain on-spot calling trend to ensure productive operations and earn sheer customer satisfaction.
First Call Resolution
At Arobil Ltd., our most appropriately skilled customer care executives route calls on a variety of criteria including data collected by IVR or customer identity.
Building Effective Team
According to your need, we can build an effective team with skilled agents who can be trusted in equipping tasks like managing calls, delivering quotation as an effective and efficient service to the customers.
Comperhensive Reporting
Day to day reporting is considered as the most challenging part of work for an offshore call center management team. However, our best call center systems can make your relief from that problem with comprehensive reporting.
Features of Inbound Call Center Solution
  • Call Queuing and Call waiting
  • DIDwise routing to process
  • Skill based ACD
  • Caller ID Routing
  • Call Queuing
  • Queue waiting for message
  • Call Routing to Scheduler Voice Mail
  • Number Masking
  • User Configurable IVRS and CRM
Features of Outbound Call Center Solution
  • Predictive and Preview Modes
  • CRM Configuration and Selection
  • Lead List (Calling Number) Management
  • Lead Re-Attempts
  • Auto-WrapUp
  • Multiple number dialing (chasing)
  • DND to upload numbers for not calling
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