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  • POS System
    Easy to Use and Best POS System for Your Retail Store
    POS System or point of sale, whatever definition we like to use, is currently mandatory for any restaurant and retail store. You’ve got a business to run and you’re urged to make that process as much as hassle free as possible. You need to make sure about maintaining proper transaction, getting a solid comparison rate of sales for each year, etc. Arobil Ltd.’s custom point of sale systems for small business is designed accordingly to exploit each demand of retail chains, restaurants, individual shops in a prodigious way, that it is efficiently configurable as per the requirements of the clients depending on their business type. In Arobil Ltd. Our POS System can smoothly maintain your inventories and transactions, show a message for the products going out of stock or the expiry date is near and much more.
  • POS System
    Exquisite Point of Sale Systems for Small Business
    Are you searching for the most state-of-art POS systems for restaurants? Are you getting frustrated with the overall management of your small retail store or café? Then stop worrying. Arobil Ltd. brings you the most advanced web based POS that you can easily integrate with a little configuration at fast-food/snack bars, small retail store, dine-in restaurant, etc. Our web based POS System comes with a wide range of features like order booking, calculate front-office sales, complete back office integration, recipe and inventory management, etc.

Our POS System Includes Works?

Generel Features
Our custom point of sale systems is both single and multi-user compatible, tried and tested to make it 100% error free, Data security with self-backup & carbon copy system and carries multiple keys to switch over from one report to another.
While you Purchase web based POS from Arobil Ltd., it’ll facilitate you with features like the bird’s eye view of accounts, powerful query system, year-wise data backup and restore and any report printing from anywhere.
Inventory Management System
That’s one of the crucial features of our point of sale systems for small business. You will experience item wise gross profit, sales & purchase order processing, multiple price list of items, stock valuation on multiple methods and batch/MRP/size/serial no./ shade/reference wise inventory of our system.
MIS REport
What’s the benefit of using POS, if you can’t collect day to day report? Our point of sale solution will provide sales/purchase analysis, cash flow, funds flow & ratio analysis, financial, expenses & budget analysis, operator wise powers log book, and any report export to word & excel.
Discount & Schemes
That very feature allows items wise double percentage discounts, party wise discounts & schemes pre-fixing, data wise schemes, quantity based rate & discounts.
Taxation Reports/Registers
The point of sale systems for small business, developed by Arobil Ltd., is able to provide reports on sales tax account registers & vat returns, party wise vat summaries, purchase tax summary, and checklist.

Why Choose Arobil to Purchase POS?

Auto backup (Incremental / full backup)
Task level User security configuration
Session begins and session end
Separate returns counter
Dynamic Discounts & Taxes
Credit Note for Sales Returns
Inventory Management
Credit Sales for Registered Customers
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