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  • Resturant Management System
    Top Notch Restaurant Management System in Dhaka
    Managing a restaurant or café requires a significant amount of knowledge and the sheer amount of experience. Although, sourcing Restaurant Equipment has become much easier thanks to the internet. The young generation is getting heavily interested in the restaurant business. If you’re one of them and don’t have a lot of expertise in this business, you shall look out for a well-defined restaurant management system. This system often gets noted as a restaurant POS system. You shall retain that the way of managing a restaurant can be different, but there should always be a definite goal, maximizing restaurant’s profitability. You can check out RestaurantPOSSystems.com if you are interested in purchasing this software after reading this.

Functionalities of our Restaurant Management System

  • Multi-point sales functionality
  • Touch screen comfortable
  • User-friendly and convenient interface
  • Cash/Credit/PO purchase facilities
  • Supplier list, statement and due payment summary report
  • Unlimited supplier business item enlisting with category
  • Purchase cancel, revise and return facilities
  • Sales correction, return, discount facility
  • Price configuration and price review
  • Client list, statement, outstanding report
  • Sales history report with different criteria
  • Stock analysis, valuation and stock out report
  • Client/ Table wise time expense log
  • Time wise/season wise product demand monitoring
  • Daily raw material demand monitoring
  • Product wise monthly sales, costing, profit and profit ratio
  • User access authorization and user activity log report
  • Unlimited user creation with any time passwords change