PHP grants everyone some unrivaled benefits and deploying it for web applications development gives a rewarding opportunity to the businesses to be on the path of technological progress. While PHP in itself comprises of different numbers of frameworks having a distinct set of features and unique way of operations, CakePHP became more prominent among them because of its discerning features and ahead-of-the-times functionalities. Being a dynamic and compelling framework, it has too many things going in the favor of developers and websites or applications owners. It is also one of the easy-to-use frameworks known, that facilitates the building of applications that are responsive as well as utility-oriented. Adhering the same, here is quickly go through on the versatile and rich features of CakePHP, that makes it a groundbreaking framework in PHP.

CRUD Scaffolding

This feature of the framework support three major tasks of web apps development and aid the users in creating a single line of code for their application. Create, Read, Update and Delete are the four aspects consisting in the CRUD terms and CakePHP assures that all the application ongoing development is customisable at any stage and any time to tailor to the specific requirements. In other words, it ensures that one has complete control or authority over production dynamics and the final outcome.

Class inheritance

There is no dubious though regarding class inheritance in CakePHP. There are two primary folders that enable others to work and view separately. This may seem a basic notion but is actually needed when there are several codes running for the work and gets manifold. CakePHP does support this responsibly and with huge sensibility.

Expansibility due to easy plugins

CakePHP is one of the few known platforms that offers enormous extensibility. It allows the reusing of codes and let developers build on the prevalent structure by extending their program, adding up new features in the form of extensions, helpers or components. To put it simply, one can modularise a web application and make it operable for some different purpose or even make it responsive to new requirements. The best thing about this is that everything is possible without interrupting the core library of the framework and by just adding the functionalities from the rich plugins or extensions.

Zero configuration

This one feature is absolutely adored by the developers. There is does not any requirement for specification or connection establishment between the system resources and no need for their configuration too. Everything runs on auto-detect on CakePHP for which developers did not have to look for any kind of installation facility or fixing at any stage.

Inbuilt validation

CakePHP is the idol framework for the feature of built-in validation and developers like the way things are used in the framework to make advanced validation rules work. Several things mark the feature of built-in validation of the framework include useful features, great validation and excellent flow of entities.

All these make CakePHP framework makes it inevitably an easily manageable platform for developers to bring any web project idea into real existence. While its unmatched features and robust flexibility contribute to its towering popularity, most mid-sized and small businesses organizations are resorting to it for their online web solutions.

Author: arobil